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Our mission

Serve broadcaster with a low level entry to get started in the world of livestreaming and help professional broadcasters to fullfill there interaction needs.

About our company

We have started livestreaming in 2010. We have build several application for different audiences. Our first livestreaming platform was created for the funeral business. Because people loved the product and other audiences wanted to use it as well. After creating several livestream platforms we have created livestreamco to serve the purpose of customise the livestream as you need.

Easy Livestreaming

Our livestreaming application is an easy to use platform which allows you to create an livestream event in just a few clicks. Start broadcasting in less then 5 minutes.

Interactive Modules

The get the most out of your livestream we have created some modules that you will be able to use when creating an live event. Use our Chat module to get direct interaction with the viewer. In future we will add many and many interacive modules.


Cause we have all been there.... Getting into the world of livestreaming.. We know how a minor issue can cause an livestream to fail. We try our absolute best to get you up and running if anything happens! Just contact us!

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