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What is livestreaming ?
Livestreaming is push video over the internet through a streaming server to your viewer.
For what can I use Livestream?
You can use livestreaming for anything that you want to broadcast live to an online audience. You can use it for sports events, business events, live newsreporting, funerals, weddings, births, security, classes, courses, stream an animal in the zoo, vlogging, shows like crowdfunding events.
What is the added value of livestreaming for my event?
With livestreaming you open the doors of your event or topic to an audience which couldn’t be there in person. With livestreaming you invite your audience to take part in the event or topic whilst it is happening. With livestreaming you have your audience very close to you during your livestream. You can interact live with your online audience. With an on demand video you don’t have a live connection. With livestreaming your audience can interact with eachother too. Live. Everybody is in the same room. (Radio and tv don’t have this) Send live video and interact with your viewer.
Why should I use StreamEasy to broadcast, why can I not use my webcam?
When you want to share your camera with lots of users the normal home connection is not enough. StreamEasy offers an advance streaming platform that is able to deliver your webcam live to million of viewers.
Why do I need to have a channel if I would like to Livestream through StreamEasy?
Basically you can see a channel as a television channel. You need a place to broadcast your livestream. In case of livestreaming the channel is a webpage on stream2connect, which you can design with logos and colours. Each channel is 1 account. On a channel you can create multiple events at different times. So you can create different programs. Also you can run multiple channels and create different livestreams on them. Say for example you have a sports channel. In there you can livestream a soccer game at day 1. And at day 2 you want to livestream a snowboard contest. You are able to create as many as livestreams on one channel but just like the television you can’t see more than one program at a time on a channel.
When I publisch my stream I can see it. But every couple of seconds it just refreshed and says stream not found.
Probably you are sending a to high bitrate to our servers then your plan allows to. On the try out plans we only allow 1mbit (1000 kbps) for example. If you send 1500 kbps the streaming server rejects the overflow on bitrate. So the streams stops and wait for the next 1000 kbps.